Today’s local marketing challenges

Today, brands with multi-location offline stores, franchises or dealers have significant difficulty bridging their online-offline experience across their local outlets.

Our solution

Nifty Window brings great content from brands and stores to local buyers wherever they are.

Nifty Window platform provides brands and local businesses with the ability to influence those consumers who are in the buying mode and are looking for contact information of businesses in their local area on the web and via their mobile phones every day.

Brands with multiple locations can now cascade relevant, high-quality and targeted content to all of its local pages across local, social and mobile channels, thereby keeping them active in an automated fashion. Each store can then overlay location specific updates such as geo-specific targeted offers and product availability information to influence searchers in its vicinity. With inviting virtual display widgets, interactive product catalogs and data-driven insights from real-time analytics, it helps brands to communicate locally at the last mile and to acquire new customers for their local outlets.

Virtual display widgets

  • Present offers, promotions and events in rich format specific to each location
  • Display in real-time on search results pages and listing pages of publisher partner sites
  • Deliver great customer experiences and convert using content relevant to consumer intent
  • Capture leads with call-to-actions such as coupon code distribution, appointment/table bookings or enquiry forms
Virtual display widgets

Interactive products & services catalogs

  • Stand out with rich, interactive, searchable catalogs (in contrast to scanned menus)
  • Drive higher online-offline conversions with live product availability information
  • Gain from rich product analytics, such as demand proxy across geo-spatial and temporal domains
Interactive product/services catalogs

Local-SEO and mobile friendly pages for outlets

  • Create webpages automatically for each of your locations
  • Auto-optimized for hyperlocal and mobile searches with local language translation, mobile and tablet friendly responsive design and neighborhood tagging
  • Showcase each location on your brand website with live information as part of store locator function
  • Control online reputation using genuine offline reviews
Interactive product/services catalogs

Easy, real-time content updates

  • Empower store managers to influence consumers with live content such as today’s specials
  • Update widget easily and create limited duration campaigns using SMS text messages
  • Maintain the corporate look through standard brand-specified creative templates
Easy, real-time content updates

Listing information sync

  • Ensure accurate store location and contact information across all publisher partners
  • Improve the quality and visibility of information that the customers engage with
Listing information sync

Live data analytics and insights

  • Gain actionable insights and measure ROI using real-time, integrated reporting
  • Know who your consumers are, where they are at and how to get more of them with data driven marketing
  • Track phone calls, with optional recording capabilities
Live data analytics and insights

Online and offline listening capabilities

  • Monitor and aggregate reviews from publisher partner sites, as well as from Google Places
  • Listen to customer responses on social networks using automated response aggregation
  • Play back phone conversations at the last mile retail points
Online and offline listening capabilities